Timbangan Analytical Balance 200 gr x 0.0001 gr 0.1 mg

Rp 8.000.000

Artificial design, originative structure, handsome appearance, new generation of electromagnetic gauge transducer reliably guaranties the precision of the products.
It has automatic fault detection, external weight, automatic calibration, all linear four-point calibration, overload protection and other applications.
The backlit LCD display makes the operator’s vision softer and clearer.
Equipped with various functions such as piece counting, percentage, unit conversion, full range peeling, etc., the operation is simple and reliable.
Built-in RS232C interface, can be directly connected to computers, printers and other devices

Spesifikasi :
Timbangan Analitik 200gr x 0.0001gr (0.1mg)
kapasitas 200gr x 0.0001gr

Weight 10000 g

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