O2 Digital Oxygen Content Tester Meter Gas Alarm Detector Checker SPD201

Rp 2.875.000

Merupakan alat yang dibutuhkan untuk industri pengeboran, gali sumur, perminyakan, petrokimia, dan industri yang memerlukan O2 oksigen. Mudah dikalibrasi dengan udara bebas. Akan berbunyi alarm peringatan pertama sebagai peringatan kalau kadar 02 berkurang dan akan memberi peringantan kedua untuk kondisi kritis akan keberadaan oksigen yang terbatas.

Oxygen content detecting in office and other working place
Oxygen manufacturing workshop
Petroleum refining and petrochemical plants
Oxygen content detecting in trains and automobiles
Oxygen content detecting in minerals
Oxygen content detecting during mountain climbing and in sealed places
Oxygen content detecting in cabin
Intellectualized design and multiple functions;

1-Professional Oxygen (O2) Detector
2-Model: SPD201/O2
3-Color: Gray & Orange
4-100% brand new
5-As it uses the imported oxygen sensor, it is very precise and its performance is stable.
6-Highlight backlight display and acousto-optic alarming, easily configured
7-The embedded temperature compensation can make the meter measuring the correct value.
8- Ergonomically case designed, beautiful outlook, nice operate feeling and easy to carry
9-Low battery indication
10-LCD backlight display
Measuring range:0~25% (VOL)
Resolution:0.1 % (VOL)
Measurement error:±0.5%
Alarm method”acousto-optic alarming
The service life of the sensor”2 years
Power”3×1.5V AAA battery (not included)
Battery life about 100 hours continuous use
Packet Content:
1 x Oxygen (O2) Detector
1 x User manual
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