HM Digital PS-54D Dual EC TDS Controller

Rp 1.100.000

EC Range: 0.0-9999us/0.0-20.0Ms
TDS Range: 0.0-9999ppm/0.0-10.0ppt
Resolution:uS&ppm:0.1(0.0-99.9);1(100-9999); ms&ppt(0.1)
Temperature Compensation: ATC(1-65°C)
Calibration: digital by push button
Alarm: ON/OFF upper/lower limit
Display: LCD with backlight
Analog output: 4-20mA
Sensor Probe: 1/2″ NPT bushing, dual
Probe Length: 3m
Working Condition: temp. -5°C~50°C, humidity≤85%
Power: AC220V±10% 50/60Hz
Size: 96*48*100mm
Weight: 258g

-Intelligent online Monitoring and control of EC, TDS levels.-2 electrode probe allow for continuous and simultaneous monitoring and control of TDS/EC levels on two water lines e.g., feed water and product water
-Large, bright LCD display with backlight, easily and clearly read.
-the upper limit, lower limit alarm relay control function, alarm ON\OFF.
-4-20mA output signal can connect to a PLC to record values.
-Installs easily in minutes.
-Widely used in various water quality treatment equipment on-line monitoring and control.

Weight 1000 g

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