Grain Moisture Meter LDS-1G Digital

Rp 1.550.000

Spesifikasi :
– Fast, accurate and convenient
– Both AC-DC power supply
– LCD with white backlight, clear and bright
– Multi – point calibration, error correction
– Low power consumption, automatic power off, energy saving
– Automatic weighing and temperature compensation
– Translated density display, moisture mean value calculation

Grain Moisture Analyzer LDS 1G

Alat untuk mengukur kadar air seperti jagung, beras, gandum, kacang, biji bijian, makanan ternak dll. Dengan desain yang simple sehingga dapat digunakan pada bidang pangan, peternakan, pertanian, pendidikan, laboratorium, dan dinas.

Features :
– Tersedia dengan Bahasa Inggris
Technical Indicators:
– Measuring object: food and other Nonmetallic granular samples, such as cereal, wheat, soybean, corn, rice, rapeseed, etc
– Measuring error: 0.5 %( main moisture range)
– Repeat error : 0.2%
– Measuring range: 3-35%
– Measuring time : 10S
– Working temperature: 0-40 C
Temperature compensation: Automatic
Subsidiary function: Volume translated display, sample weight display, temperature display, mean moisture value calculation
Calibration: 4 points calibration, unlimited sample (20 common varieties have been calibrated in advance, can be tested directly)
Working power: AC/DC, DC6V (4AA dry batteries)/special external power adapter
Display : Backlight LCD highlighted

Complete accessories : external AC power adapter, cleaning brush, manual, filling tube, funnel, calibration weights each

Category Code for Preset Instrument Calibration Parameters:

Weight 3800 g

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