Elitech GSP-6 Temperature & Humidity Data Logger Recorder 16000 Point

Rp 575.000

Colour:orange and white



Technical parameters

Temperature measuring range:-40 Degrees Celsius~85 Degrees Celsius

Temperature accuracy:+/-0.5 Degrees Celsius(-20 Degrees Celsius~40 Degrees
Celsius;+/-0.1 Degrees Celsius(other)

Humidity range:10%~99%

Humidity accuracy:+/-3%RH(25 Degrees Celsius,20%~90%RH);+/-5%RH(other)

Resolution :temperature 0.1 Degrees Celsius,humidity 0.1%RH

Record capacity:16000 points (max)

Record interval :10sec~24 hour continuously set

Data interface :USB

Power supply :sigle-use 3.6V lithium battery or powered via USB

Battery life: two years at room temperature with 15 minutes record interval and
buzzer alarm disabled

Ambient temperature:-30 Degrees Celsius~70 Degrees CelsiusAt low temperature
environment , the LCD screen displays normal record but a little slowly . It
will display data normally when the ambient temperature returns to normal.

Note: when you first use the data logger, install the data management software

Weight 400 g

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